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Need Clients And Signed Contracts For Your Recruitment & Staffing Business? Attend this hands-on workshop, led by expert Dee Williams, in-person offered in 5 cities or livestream online.

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What Will I Learn?

Curriculum For This Course:
21 Lessons 04:49:17 Hours
2 Lessons 00:11:35 Hours
  • Welcome Staffingpreneur!!! 00:02:35
  • The Prep Work Video Overview 00:09:00
  • Introducing The Niche' Solution 00:10:39
  • Choose Your Industry 00:34:12
  • Choose Your Market Segment 00:13:10
  • Choose Your Candidate Market 00:04:23
  • Choose Your Companies 00:38:33
  • Choose Your Hiring Manager 00:13:33
  • Get Into Your Niche' Market 00:37:19
  • Define Your Candidate & Client Prospect Problems, Solutions, & Benefits 00:36:21
  • How To Conduct Research to Define the Prospect Problem 00:06:16
  • Action Item: Flush Out Your Niche' Market & Define The Problems 00:01:02
  • The Client and Candidate Journey Overview 00:15:44
  • Create Your Potential Client Journey 00:27:41
  • Create Your Digital Assets Overview 00:03:01
  • Create Your Sell Sheet 00:04:27
  • Create Your Lead Magnet 00:28:20
  • Welcome to Email Automation 00:01:16
  • Scripts & Templates Overview 00:01:45
  • The Presentation
  • Friday Presentation
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It's time to #LEVELUP!
Listen, finding the right employers, who actually see your value and want to do business with you is not easy. There is a method to this madness. 
Finding clients, and connecting with them to convert them into clients requires both technique, skill, and psychology. This is something that you can learn and implement immediately, once you get the specifics down. 
Today, I want to introduce you to a live boot camp that's all about 3 things:
  • How To: Market your niche’ recruitment & Staffing business to generate leads
  • How To: Find Prospects (potential clients) and Find Out What They Need 
  • How To: How to Communicate with Potential Clients and Engage Them Via Phone, Email, and Online Mediums
This is a hands-on live class (or virtual) so get ready to get your hands dirty, because you will walk away from this course FIRED UP and ready to land your dream clients (if you don't land a meeting with one during the class).



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Founder of ReSkillify✦ Business & Career Strategist ✦ Recruitment & Staffing Advisor ✦

Dee Williams has earned every hard-fought win in life and in business. She overcame childhood sexual abuse at age eight, became a pre-teen mom at the ages of 11 and 15, while living on welfare on the streets of Baltimore, and at 16 became a 10th-grade high school dropout.  You may be tempted to see Dee as a victim, but that’s the last word she’d use to describe her victorious path to achievement! 

Dee has and knows what it takes to not only make it, but to flourish in life, career, and business despite the blows and lows that life deals. Her battle-tested knowledge is a gameplan for champions in the making who also want to defy the odds.


Deemed the Queen of Transformation, Dee brings an authentic, raw, and personable touch to motivating and transforming up-and-comers into success stories. In addition to getting results, her infectious personality makes the bright-side of things contagious and tangible. Not one for BS, her no-excuses approach to unmasking the treasure in hidden challenges is what got her to where she is today.

Dee changes lives based on proven techniques that she’s applied in her own life. She has perfected the power of Individual Audacity since discovering her voice at the age of eight. After three decades of activating that power, she not only uses it to secure her own future but to show others how to do the same.


Dee Williams is a richly melinated multi-hyphenate. She soars as a true-to-herself-best-selling author, speaker, business strategist, Success Coach, and the CEO of Individual Audacity, a transformational learning company that coaches driven & audacious individuals toward clarity and action in career, business or life. She has transformed lives in 14 countries and 7 industries worldwide.

She is also the founder and CEO of Identifize Consulting, a recruitment and staffing consulting firm amongst other businesses.

In her spare time, Dee enjoys serial entrepreneurship, watching anime, technology, music, reading, spending quality time with her kids, and singing dog King Caesar. Dee currently lives with her daughter and dog in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.

Dee is on a mission to move unconventional leaders into the center of their zone of influence by using hardships as fuel to empower, inspire, overcome, create, and transform.

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