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Benefits Of Becoming A ReSkillify Affiliate

There are numerous benefits of becoming a ReSkillify affiliate,
but three stand out compared to others.


Generous Commissions

Finally, an affiliate program that pays what you're worth. We pay you up to 40% monthly recurring commissions on whichever courses your referrals buy. For a $1,000 course, that translates to about $400, and that’s not even close to the high tier of our course prices. Our generous commission sets us apart from other affiliate programs.


Reliable Income Source

Our affiliate relationship is for a lifetime. As long as your referral (and yourself) stay members with the platform, you will keep earning up to 40% on the courses they pay for on the platform. And since these commissions are paid out every month, you can turn this referral program into a practical, viable, and reliable source of monthly income.


An Ideal Platform

ReSkillify is an ideal transformation platform, primarily because of the range it offers. The number, variety, and quality of courses are potent enough to retain our members for a long time (usually a lifetime). This is beneficial for our affiliate partners since it means their income stream from this program is almost permanent.

It also comes with:

Phone Support: Ask whatever questions you have about our referral program.

Unlimited Sending: There is no limit to the number of members you can refer to ReSkillify.

Custom Form Builder: Customize it to make it more attractive for potential referrals.

Are You Ready To Become An Affiliate?

ReSkillify is growing, and you can grow alongside it. It's set to become the premier transformation platform, perfect for bringing together people who want to level up in their life, profession, and business, and course creators that can help them get there.

We created ReSkillify precisely for the reason to help our members grow in their personal and professional lives by leveling up in various soft and hard skills. We offer the same to everyone else connected with ReSkillify, be it instructors or affiliates. As our platform grows, we will see more instructors covering more skill sets, which will broaden our potential member pool.

So, no matter what your default audience is, you will likely find that ReSkillify has the courses, tribes, and thought transformation frameworks for most (if not all) individuals you can refer to ReSkillify. Our growth is your growth, and we focused on growth.