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Who Should Create A Course With ReSkillify?

Anyone who has the desire to create more impact. We partner with professionals like you who have the wisdom to share, skills to teach, and influence to shift the culture. Regardless of your educational background, as a T&T Coach, we value college graduates, highly qualified professionals, and also "graduates" of the school of hard knocks who have gathered skills and wisdom from their life experiences.

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  • Teachers, coaches, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Professionals planning to assume the mantle of the trainer
  • Entrepreneurs trying to empower their consumers and other entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce business owners
  • Creators, Influencers and Celebrities
  • Online course creators, eLearning
  • Thought leaders on the mission of thought transformation
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You Can Design And
Plan Every Step Of
Your Student's
Journey With ReSkillify

With the power of a thought transformation platform like ReSkillify, you can do so much more than just create online courses. You can design and plan every step of your student's success journey to the ultimate goal of leveling up in the skill you are teaching, i.e., creating the ultimate learning experience.

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As an coach with ReSkillify, you can power your online business and…:

  • Create online courses with an interactive checklist to help
  • Establish a learning community (a tribe) around your course where your customers support and empower each other and bring others into the fold
  • Get access to a high-end audience comfortable with premium pricing structures
  • With constant communication, feedback, and support, design a learning experience that actually makes a difference in the personal and professional lives of your customers
  • Bring your existing customers to the platform (with ReSkillify’s free migration support) and gain the additional support that your customers need

We Help You Build and Scale
Your Coaching Brand Step-by-Step.

Let us Help You Grow Your Business And Give Yourself The Power To Transform Lives

Online Courses That Integrates Seamlessly With Your Tribe Community

You can create, record, duplicate, improve, and enhance online courses on the ReSkillify platform, which integrates seamlessly with your tribe community.

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Interactive Live Coaching Creating Real-time Online Interaction

Don’t be bound by the one-sided learning experience that video-only courses promise. Offer interactive live classes using a Subscription/membership coaching model (1on1, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly) that allows you to communicate, bond with your students, and witness firsthand the transformation of your students in this unique, interactive experience we offer.

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Interactive Tribal Communities

No more having courses on one platform and your support groups on Facebook, Clubhouse, or some other platform. Now let your “Tribes” commune where their course instruction lives. That’s right! You never have to leave your platform to commune again, and you never need buy or integrate another platform again.

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On-Demand & Live Streaming

Go live directly from the main Tribe Community Group or within your Tribe Community group specific to your online course to connect with your members (or to gain new members). You can also bring everyone together with scheduled online and in-person events to give your students the personal attention they need in order to transform.

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Virtual Conferences

Don’t waste time on finding the venues and commute. Make your conferences and events easier to attend and arrange with our virtual conference feature and on the platform where all your courses and supporting content are at your fingertips.

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eCommerce Store

Digital and physical products associated with your course don’t just help your students learn and absorb better; they are also an additional revenue stream for you as a course creator. Get an eCommerce store with ReSkillify and expand your reach.

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Guided Support & Ongoing Motivation

At ReSkillify, you can offer unbridled support and guidance to communicate and retain your students by taking advantage of our live Customer Success Champions for onboarding, cross-sells, up-sells, and ongoing motivation.

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Analytics & Customized Playbooks

Don’t lose sight of the numbers that quantify your performance as a course creator and analytics that give you clues about what’s working and what’s not with your students’ journey’s. Get customized playbooks for yourself (to easily track your goals) and your students (as additional assistance for course completion).

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Customized Branding with a
Personalized Domain

Create a beautiful and customized experience with a personalized domain name and your custom brand across your website, mobile apps, shop, tribes, and conferences.

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Create and Host an Online Masterclass and Market Your Brand With Ease

One of the ways you can rev up your course marketing efforts and attract new customers on the ReSkillify platform (and beyond) is by creating live and pre-recorded Masterclasses where you can give prospective customers a preview of what you bring to the table. At the end of your Masterclass, you will have the ability to upsell your ReSkillify course, gain new customers, increase your brand, and drive passive income while you sleep.

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A Marketing Engine Working on Your Behalf 24/7

When you use ReSkillify as your online course platform we not only support you and your clients, but we market your brand on your behalf. From email marketing to digital marketing, to radio ads, to nationwide billboards, and more – you are not alone. We walk with you every step of the way to support you and your clients.

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Are you ready to shift the culture, share what you know and to create a stage for self-expression?

ReSkillify was designed to help coaches (like you) level up their game. We help you create an amazing brand that you can be proud of, earn passive income in six different ways, and help you help people achieve their goals, and transform lives using personalized support, for real. Want to learn how?

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You get to make a direct impact on people's lives while earning good money offering your expertise

Get paid for every course that you create every time someone purchases your course.

Need residual income? Add Live Coaching Classes to your standard courses and get paid additionally 1-4 times per month, on an on-going basis.

Already got a tribe? When they purchase a ReSkillify membership, you earn a 25% Referral Fee, instantly.

Sell your digital ebooks, calculators, workbooks, and other digital products. PLUS, sell your custom branded t-shirts, thumb drives, pens, and more using your own custom shop.

Host and stream to thousands, delivering engaging virtual, in-person & hybrid events with one platform and add booths, sponsorships, an exhibit hall, audio/video/text chat, and much more.

If you refer someone to become a member of the ReSkillify platform who are not a part of your tribe (friend, family member, etc), you won't just get a one-time commission or referral bonus. You will earn a bonus of up to 40% EVERY MONTH your referral stays a member and EVERY TIME they buy a course on ReSkillify. The referral bonus is calculated and paid out monthly.

As a Coaching Member of ReSkillify, you will have the opportunity to apply for a ReSkillify Debit Card where you can earn up to 3% cash back on all of your purchases on ReSkillify and anywhere else you choose to purchase from.

Earning Calculator

You get to make a direct impact on people’s lives while earning good money offering your expertise

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What Exactly is ReSkillify?

There are millions of people in the world looking for change… essentially happiness.

It only takes one course….

and you can be a positive force in someone’s life – and level up in your life at the same time.

ReSkillify is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. Yes, you’ve heard about or even used a number of course creation platforms where you pay a monthly fee, have to build your own course, pay to market your courses, be available to sell your courses to keep income coming in the door, all while getting your students to finish the course (retain them) and hope they actually have some sort of transformation where you can get a small shout out or testimonial video. Well, here at ReSkillify we solve all of that.

ReSkillify is not a course creation platform, but a Thought Transformation platform where we help our students and coaches’ level-up by change creating real interactive learning experiences using courses, communities, and conferences. ReSkillify is a whole 360-degree learning experience touching on all learning styles visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and social, tracking your student’s transformational progress every step of the way.

Our Coach Partnership Tiers

When you are becoming an coach with ReSkillify, you can choose from multiple levels of partnership. Some allow you access to our platform and all its strengths, while others pack additional services like marketing and promotional campaigns to help you grow your sphere of educational influence and attract more students.

The four tiers are:

It’s all about self-service and is just $97 per month. It’s the perfect choice for coaches working on their first course and testing the waters from an investment perspective. It’s a great way to start creating your user base and establish an online presence in this sphere. As a Key Partner, you keep the 3.5% Credit Card Processing Fee on all subscriptions & renewals on your courses.

In this tier, we’ll show you how to create courses. It’s $297 per month and ideal for growing coaches with an increasing student pool. As your user base increases and you need to streamline course creation, posting, managing users, and focus on marketing (for renewals and new students alike), you can benefit greatly from a “guided” partnership with ReSkillify. We will ensure that you can stay focused on your goal as an coach, i.e., creating an immediate impact and transform the lives of your students. As a Premium Partner, you keep the 3.5% Credit Card Processing Fees on all your course subscriptions & renewals.

If you become a Prestige Partner, we will guide you every step of the way. It costs $2,497 per month, and you keep 100% of the money your students pay for your Subscriptions & Renewals. It’s the best option for coaches with a decent number of courses, a well-established and sizeable student base. We offer one-on-one assistance to your Prestige Partners, and our team helps you with both migrating your courses to ReSkillify and creating custom plans and playbooks to achieve maximum success for both your students and yourself. We will help you take your courses and your coaching strategies and approach to the next level and make the transformative power of your courses more potent.

We will prepare the courses for you, and you'll only have to share your knowledge. It costs $5,000 per month, and you keep 100% of your money on Subscriptions & Renewals. It’s easily the number one option for coaches this wish to harness the full power of ReSkillify (with a team of experts backing them up. As a Bespoke partner, you will get the ultimate experience when it comes to brand building (including course creation), tribe building, e-commerce development, and coaching implementation. This service is customized specifically for you, your brand, and your students, whether you are establishing your brand from scratch or revising it for optimal student success. You get all the services and support of a Prestige partner and more when you opt to become a Bespoke partner.

Frequently Ask & Questions

ReSkillify is not just a mere online course platform, but a “Personal & Professional Development Transformation Platform”, and membership community that relies on custom-designed courses, coaching, and conferences to help you level up your skillset, achieve your goals, and experience successful transformations. Founded in 2020, launched in 2022 with the goal of providing avid learners around the world access to transformative learning experiences and a valuable network of motivated, like-minded people.

A Thought & Transformation Coach is a subject matter expert, a thought leader, and a teacher all at once who is passionate about your transformation and the successful outcome of your journey. Your T&T Coach specializes in specific topics and knows how to help you grow. Almost all T&T Coaches lead a hyper-focused tribe or micro-community that forms around their ReSkillify courses matter. You can read about each ReSkillify course T&T Coach and the feedback they’ve received from fellow members to get a better idea of their unique approach to make sure you achieve all of your goals, no matter how big or small.

Any person with 1000 to 5000 followers on their social media account with followers who are their friends and people who share similar interests with them (not people who idolize them). Their lack of fame is one of the qualities that make them approachable.

Any person with 5000 to 20,000 followers on their social media account They are known for the particular area of interest and have very high rates of engagement from their audiences.

Any person with 20,000 to 100,000 followers on their social media account Mid-tier influencers live up to their name—their reach extends to an audience size that's middle-of-the-road compared to the other four influencer tiers.

Any person with 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers on their social media account Who is considered a Macro-Influencer? With one of the largest followings on major social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and in some cases, individual blogs, this group of veteran social media influencers and leaders has emerged. Macro-influencers are distinguished primarily by a high relative number of followers or subscribers on a specific platform and their ability to engage and message on an impactful scale. Macros represent a popular, high-reach influencer tier. As today’s trendsetters, macro-influencers are experts and KOLs in many areas and categories, making them powerful tools and advertising channels that brands and marketers can leverage.

Any person with 1,000,000+ followers on their social media account. They are celebrities, whether that's in the traditional sense of actors, singers and TV stars, or internet personalities that have risen to prominence in recent years.

On the Coaches page, fill out the form and a Course Creator Representative will be in touch with you to learn more about you, your goals for your community, and your coaching goals as well. You will create a plan of action and start working on launching your courses and full coaching brand.

That's a great question! Based on the plan that you choose will define the level of support that ReSkillify as a platform can assist you with. When you choose the right plan, you will be paired with a Customer Success Manager who will work with you and your learners to ensure they are not only completing your courses, but are retaining the information, completing the action items and reaching their goals. You can consider us your backup plan to successful learner outcomes - not anything like what you've seen on any other coaching platform.

You will get to make a direct impact on people’s lives while earning good money offering your knowledge on a premium platform, and building a community you can translate to even more success later on. If your course proposal seems like it’ll be a hit, we offer several investment plans to ensure your course is perfectly designed.

Ready To Join ReSkillify As An Coach?

All you need to do is prepare a small but comprehensive course plan and fill out the application here (hyperlinked). Our Coach representative will reach out to you and guide you through the process. They will answer any questions you might have about the services, the platform, migration, course creation, or partnership pricing structure.

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