About Us

What Is ReSkillify?

ReSkillify is the transformative force that guides, motivates, and pushes you to level up in your personal, professional, and business life. As a thought transformation platform designed to help you in your journey to success and to guide you every step of the way, ReSkillify has evolved into something much grander and impactful than a mere course platform – Something that’s now a mere subset of what ReSkillify has become.

It started out as a platform designed to offer courses, coaching, training, and guidance to help you level up your various skill sets (pertaining to both soft and hard skills). It became a place to connect professionals, mentors, teachers, course creators, virtually anyone with the right teachings and skills to convey to individuals seeking to better themselves and growing in a personal and professional capacity. And though our selection of teachers and courses was enough to make us the best course platform out there, it needed more to become a true thought transformation platform.

So, we aimed for more. Now ReSkillify is:
  • A thriving community that offers motivation, guidance, and support through an exclusive membership
  • A transformation platform where your whole “level-up” journey can be laid out for you and tracked for success
  • A comprehensive collection of elite courses and coaching to provide a 360 degree transformation
  • A platform where everything is selected, created, designed, and curated for YOU
  • THE final stop on your journey to the transformation “starting point,” because when you are with ReSkillify, you won’t have to reduplicate your efforts on another platform to level up. We offer EVERYTHING you need.

For Course Creators, everyone has an idea that they want to bring to life. However, it can be challenging to develop that idea, flush out the processes, and bring them to life. Other platforms require you to figure it out while spending hundreds of dollars and hours of training on HOW to do it, with little to no assistance. ReSkillify is the ultimate blend of tech, support, options, and a premium audience. We help you flush out your idea and package it to be sold. Whether you already have a presence, or you are looking for a place to start, ReSkillify has the digital infrastructure, tools, and services to position you for your next level up right away, providing you with:

  • A Customer Success Manager who will assist with your course creation journey to help you grow your business, brand, and coaching practice and track your own level up
  • A variety of ways to generate passive income (at least six) with more coming
  • Course creation assistance with Member tracking - just bring your idea and we will help you write it, record it, deliver it AND track your customer’s level up journey
  • Assistance with creating your Tribe community or managing the Tribe that you already have when you’re away working on your next big thing
  • Marketing and sales support so that you can focus on what you do best – creating content that will transform lives

Sell, grow, and manage better with ReSkillify. ReSkillify gives you the power to create transformative learning experiences. Trust, we offer EVERYTHING you need to create and manage a successful business and an amazing brand. From helping you to track your student’s transformation process, to creating your own personal digital marketplace, to assisting you with conducting your first virtual / hybrid conference, our goal here at ReSkillify is to help you, AND to help you help your customers truly level up and transform. ReSkillify is much grander and more impactful than a mere course platform. When it’s time to level up… ReSkillify.

Who Are We?

We are a community of diverse, inspired, energetic, and dedicated professionals that share the same core values and are committed to the mission of helping people level up in life.

ReSkillify was created so that people who are stuck in their life's journey, don't like where they are now, and have no control of where life is taking them, can turn things around to take the driver’s seat. That requires so much more than just acquiring the right skillset or excelling in your field. It requires thought transformation and inspired change that sets you on the path to success. And it comes from education, motivation, guidance, support, and inspiration, all of which we, the people behind ReSkillify, are dedicated to providing.

We are also a team of individuals from different backgrounds, walks of life, and schools of thought, bonded by a shared ideology. And our life experiences allow us to see you, our members, as more than just stats and numbers. We see YOU as an individual. We try to understand your motives, goals, and inspirations. And we empathize. So when we guide you through your transformational journey, it’s not through a pre-determined series or with the help of generically curated resources; it’s an experience designed specifically for you.

We are the agents of your evolution into your best version.

What We Do?

Whether you are a member or an Coach working with us, we help you get the best out of your association with ReSkillify.

For our members, we provide the level of assistance you’ve chosen. For some of our members, we offer the support you need navigating the platform and selecting the right courses and coaching. For others, we take care of everything, from course selection to mapping out a journey for optimal transformation and offering dedicated resources. We do whatever is needed to help you level up within the constraint you select and the pace you define.

The other most important thing we do is constantly improve our platform and our offerings. We ensure that the best, most potent, and useful courses are learning materials available to you, and we maintain that premium standard by constantly monitoring and evaluating the courses created using our platform that our members are interested in.

For our Coach, we offer constant support and a comprehensive selection of additional services to help you with your online presence. From course creation to its marketing and publishing, we can be with you every step of the way and help you grow your audience.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy rests on four pillars. They influence everything from the words we say, to the steps we take. It acts as a guard-rail that keeps us on track to achieve our goals while staying true to our ideals. The following qualities describe our philosophy:

  • A nonstop desire to pursue a better world than which we are provided by the status quo, maintained by our high energy, you can do it culture ready to celebrate every success and continue the push forward.
  • A deep respect for our customers expressed through integrity, corporate social responsibility, and the creation of high-quality services and educational opportunities.
  • A strong sense of leadership regarding the advancement of knowledge and the refinement of education as a whole, accompanied by frequent patronage of the arts and culture.
  • A holistic vision of learning beyond consumption, an understanding that educating oneself is a lifestyle, attitude, and aesthetic. Education involves becoming part of a tradition while reinterpreting and renewing it through our creative vision.

Our Purpose

To help every mentor and apprentice involved in our mission to acquire or develop the tools, support, and community necessary to achieve their goals while celebrating each step they take towards self-actualization.

The founder spent the last 12 years of her career working with entrepreneurs, SMB owners, innovators and visionaries, and helped them establish thriving businesses. This, over a decade long experience with professional development reflects in the courses and levelling up options ReSkillify offers to a broad array of entrepreneurs and professionals. We are equipped to assist entrepreneurs and prospective business owners from different areas, from creatives like dancers, musicians, and writers to niche experts like recruiters and funnel hackers.

While professional development (for business owners and entrepreneurs) and career development (for professionals) is crucial for success, it is not potent enough without the right personal development, and that’s something the founder of ReSkillify is even better equipped to offer. A life of despair and struggle had
prepared, polished, and empowered her to succeed even when the odds were stacked against her.

She came from nothing, experienced poverty, physical and mental abuse in her childhood, and even homelessness at one stage of her life. She survived sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, and cancer and emerged from her painful life, scarred but unbroken. The strength she gained from her personal life strengthened and trained her to take every adversity head-on. But more importantly, it helped her empathize with people going through the worst phases of their lives. She converted her experiences, strengths, wisdom, and empathy to create the third pillar of ReSkillify transformative development, i.e., personal development, and is capable of teaching the members about the same resilience that got her through her life unbroken. Members already have and can learn from her that it’s possible to succeed as a professional, an entrepreneur, and as an individual, despite the horrors of your personal life weighing you down.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional experiences for every life we touch by building high-value community, teaching, and transforming people who have the desire to level up and transform their careers, businesses, and lives in a high-quality and meaningful way.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most trusted, innovative, and influential e-learning technology marketplace teaching, enhancing, and transforming billions of lives using subject matter experts, growth lessons, and high-value community - all while delivering an exceptional experience that is more human, more meaningful, and more achievable.

Our Core Values

Our appreciation for the following qualities directs and guides our company culture, decision-making, and hiring process.


The ability to recover quickly from setbacks and stay determined to accomplish a goal is crucial to success.


We highly value the creativity, adaptability, and general capacity to independently find solutions to a problem while remaining humble enough to ask for help.


Our mission to create a world-class learning community is pointless if all of its members can’t enjoy it. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or disrespectful behavior of any sort.


We value individuals who show an internal desire to produce great work that they enjoy, whether it means putting in extra hours or going beyond basic requirements to create something they are proud of having accomplished.


We are building an innovative community united by the incredible things we want to achieve together rather than separated by who we are. It is crucial to our vision to remain proactive about maintaining diversity and welcoming new perspectives.


We encourage our community to take risks, speak up, and be aware of the fact that failures are an integral part of the learning process. Assessing and limiting risk is important, but if no attempts are made, success can never occur.

  • Founder

    A Message From Our Founder

    Dear Learners, My name is Dee Williams, and I am so honored by the sheer fact that you’re here learning about my most ambitious project to date, ReSkillify. You are not here by coincidence, and it’s incredibly thrilling to welcome such a variety of people who are unshakeable in their desire to improve themselves by taking their career, business, and personal life to the next level.

    I have no doubt our mission to build a diverse, inclusive community built around premium and impactful education will result in non-stop passion and a series of achievements beyond our imagination. I hope you’re as excited as I am to embark on this collective journey; I am committed to doing what it takes to make us thrive.

    Before you continue, I only have one ask. You know your situation better than I do, but we all know the difference between you and realizing your full potential is taking action. Write down your goal, identify a path forward, trust your intuition, and do what you need to do right now. I’ll make sure ReSkillify is ready to give you the tools and resources necessary for you to achieve your goals. There is nothing like having a community of go-getters to constantly inspire you. Now, let’s get fired up, dive in, and make some sh*t happen.