Get Fit With Cannabis

An online course made to help cannabis consumers along their journey toward a fit and healthier quality of life.

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Created By Efrain Gomez Last Updated Wed, 28-Feb-2024 English
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If you are determined to improve your overall quality of life and didn't realize that cannabis could help your journey along the way then look no further than the online Get Fit With Cannabis course program!


CannaFitness Coach Efrain credits his successful journey toward good health and fitness to his daily cannabis consumption. He believes that the cannabis plant could be a powerful tool when pursuing the best version of yourself possible. 


Light up your fitness routine today! 

What Will I Learn?

  • Enhanced Fitness Knowledge
  • Improved Strength and Muscle Growth
  • Effective Pain Management
  • Mindful Cannabis Consumption
  • Optimized Recovery
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Goal Achievement
  • Empowerment

Curriculum For This Course:

33 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Introduction to CannaFitness
4 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Understanding The CannaFitness Concept
  • The Science Behind Cannabis And Its Effects On The Body
  • Setting Realistic Fitness Goals
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Exploring Different Cannabis Strains And Their Properties
  • Choosing The Right Strain For Your Fitness Goals
  • Dosage Guidelines And Consumption Methods
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Incorporating Cannabis Into Your Warm-Up Routine
  • Enhancing Focus And Motivation
  • Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Techniques
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Why Lift Weights?
  • Targeted Exercises For Muscle Growth
  • Proper Form And Technique
  • The Role Of Cannabis In Optimizing Strength Gains
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Cannabis-Infused Stretches and Cool-Down Routines
  • Managing Workout-Related Pain And Inflammation
  • Promoting Deep Relaxation For Muscle Recovery
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Cannabis-Infused Recipes For Pre and Post-Workout Meals
  • Balanced Nutrition For Fitness Goals
  • Supplements and Cannabis
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Safety And Legal Considerations
  • Combining Cannabis With An Active Lifestyle Responsibly
  • Monitoring And Adjusting Your Cannabis Routine
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Measuring Fitness Progress And Adjusting Goals
  • Maintaining Motivation And Consistency
  • Celebrating Your CannaFitness Journey!
  • Test Your Knowledge (Final Quiz)


  • Internet Access
  • Legal Access to Cannabis
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Notebook and Pen
  • An Open Mind

About the Coach

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Founder of the Startup, "CannaFit Gym and Lounge", Host of "The CannaFit Podcast", Creator of the "Get Fit With Cannabis" online course program, CannaFitness Coach Efrain takes pride in his community that continues to help progress our society toward cannabis destigmatization. 


Having experienced the positive benefits of reduced inflammation post-workout, increased focus and energy pre-workout, and alleviation of anxiety during and more firsthand, Efrain's goal is to highlight the possibility of utilizing cannabis as a tool that most anyone could use on their journey toward achieving a more happier and healthier life. 

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