The Staffingpreneurs Academy Accelerated Program From $0 - 7 Figures+ How to Setup, Launch, and Run Your Niche’ Recruitment & Staffing Business

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Looking to get your recruiting and staffing business off the ground - winning - and fast?
Our Accelerated Program is for you!

Listen, starting a recruitment and staffing business can be SUPER complicated and catastrophic if you don’t know what to use, who to talk to, or what to do exactly. Not to mention the amount of funds and time that can be wasted if you’ve never run this type of business before. Generating revenue requires more than simply getting an LLC, EIN and building a website - it requires planning, processes and strategy, and The Staffingpreneurs Academy Accelerated Program will get you on a path from $0 - 7 Figures with more support “an Accountability Partner”, Call Reviews, and 7 Accelerated Clinics PLUS full brand design.

This business model AND our #1 comprehensive Accelerated Program is for YOU!

Courses In This Bundle


Not since the Industrial Revolution have the stakes of dealing with change been so high, and the staffing industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Increased technology and the growing complexity of tasks have given rise to more strategic hiring where the process is longer and more difficult than in previous decades.

The Problem: Finding skilled and qualified talent remains challenging for most companies. 

“Great talent becomes harder to find, and it becomes extremely time-consuming for managers to review résumés and conduct interviews, all while still being responsible for their day-to-day operations,” said Matthew Rowles, senior manager of talent acquisition operations at Coca-Cola Consolidated.


With ongoing labor issues, higher hiring costs, hospitals are trying to boost revenue and wring what savings they can from the expense side of the ledger before the annual tallying starts, says Mary Ellen Podmolik, Editor of Modern Healthcare.

The Solution..Your niche’ recruitment and staffing business.



According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the staffing industry’s annual revenue is predicted to reach $212.8 billion in 2022, and is projected to grow 6% in 2023. Since 1995, the staffing industry has grown by 78%—and that’s not changing any time soon. The employment services industry is projected to grow two-thirds faster than overall employment, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. So you could say that now is a great time to get into staffing.

  • As a Staffing Agency Owner (a Staffingpreneur), you act as a middleman between employers and workers, helping to match the most qualified candidates with companies that have job openings, and/or who are looking for specific talent.

  • When a business needs additional labor, working with a staffing agency can save their company time, and it offers other benefits as well, including flexibility and reduced legal risks.

  • Profitable Business Model - As a Staffing Agency Owner (a Staffingpreneur), you charge a markup that typically ranges from 45% to 100% of the hired employee’s wages, making this one of the most profitable business models today.



You’ve been hired, worked with a recruiter, or done the hiring for a company in one or more industries. That experience means that staffing presents less of a learning curve for a new owner like you.

Are you a Nurse? a Project Manager? a Case Manager? a Software Developer? a Training School Owner? a Career Coach? an Influencer? a Celebrity? a Home Health Facility? a Faith Based Organization? An Attorney? a Digital Marketer? a Recruiter? a C-Level Executive?

This business model AND our #1 comprehensive program is for YOU!


Program Length:

This is a 6-Month Program to launch and gain first contact (or even generating revenue).


You will take seven online courses to help you not only learn how to setup and launch your business, but also to run your business to scale. These high-energy and informative video courses will not only give you the information you need, but provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to implement and execute everything. You will learn how to:

  • Niche The Business 
  • Setup The Business 
  • Brand the Business
  • Use the Proper Technology For the Business
  • Launch The Business 
  • Run The Business $0 to 7- Figures (source, recruit, sell, manage) 

Coaching Classes (Group Q&A Style):

At every stage of your business you will have questions. Questions about what you do not yet know, questions about what you are learning, and questions about what you are experiencing. Having a safe space where you can get your questions answered along the way is invaluable. Even more, being able to hear others’ questions and to learn from their situations is even more invaluable. You do not have to go at it alone - Staffingpreneurs Academy can help you with that.

  • Weekly Setup The Business Q&A Zoom Call (1-Hour)
  • Weekly Launch The Business Q&A Zoom Call (1-Hour)
  • Weekly Run The Business Q&A Zoom Call (2-Hours)


Clinics (Go Accelerated):

When you Go Accelerated, every week for 6 months you’ll receive access to 7 Accelerated Clinics. You will attend these Accelerated Clinics in a virtual group setting to work with expert Coaches, who will review the work (the assignments and checklist items) that you are working on daily. This will ensure you gain a better understanding of your learning materials, complete your tasks properly, and are fully flushing out your ideas during every phase of the business: 


  • ATS Tech Clinics - Not doing so great with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Work on using your ATS like an Owner and like a pro. Make sure you can guide your team.

  • Ads & Automation Tech Clinics - Work on getting your ads up right. Make sure your automations are set up properly in your business.

  • OIF Clinic (Ownership, Internal Hiring & Financials) - Need more guidance on your internal hiring structure, understanding your business financials, and working though your commission structures and performance metrics this is where you need to be.

  • Launch Clinics - Our course shows you how to incorporate your launch as a part of your business strategies that generate leads and attract great talent - this Launch Clinic will help you realize your vision and successfully launch your niche’ recruitment and staffing business.

  • Sales Clinics - The employers cut the check, but in order to get the check, you’ve got to gain a relationship with the right employer. Bring your lead generation and sales strategies to this clinic, and make sure you’re getting it right.

  • Recruiting Clinics - If you don’t have candidates it does not matter how many job orders you have, you will not make any money in your business.

  • Sourcing Clinics - Your candidates are your capital. So if you’ve got issues finding people or you’re looking to gain a competitive edge - this is the clinic for you to attend. 


Call Reviews (Go Accelerated):

When you Go Accelerated, every week for 6 months, you will show up in a virtual group setting to work with our expert Staffing Coaches, who will provide real-time, specific feedback on the calls that you make on a daily basis. Not just the calls that you make, but the calls that your recruiting and sales team make as well (because they are welcome to attend Call Reviews).

  • Weekly Sales Call Reviews

  • Weekly Recruiting Call Reviews

Community: You will have access to the Staffingpreneurs Academy main community discord chat where you will be in the likes of many different Staffingpreneurs working in many different niche’ markets. This is your core community. However, when you attend this course, you will also have class community chat discord access, so that you can connect with and communicate with your fellow classmates directly. 

Customer Success Accountability & Support: You are assigned to a Customer Success Program Advisor  which is a fancy name for an “Accountability Coach” who will ensure you stay on track with completing your program, launch your business, and move towards reaching your goal of running a profitable 7-figures (or 8-figure) niche’ recruitment and staffing business.

Checklists, Templates, Forms: Why start from scratch? With a dedicated Downloads section, start using customizable, editable, and downloadable checklists, forms, and templates that will help save you time and reduce compliance errors (Legal Contracts | Offer Letters | Confidentiality Agreements | Employee Handbooks). Our program also helps to ensure you actually do what you set out to do - EXECUTE - using our digital Assignments and Checklist. Each course comes with a digital checklist (and mini checklists) that will keep you on track. Since this program is all about you setting up, launching, and running your business, there are Action Item Assignments for you to complete to ensure you get EVERY thing done so that you can reach your most ultimate goals.

Brand Design: Brand, Logo & Website Design: A professional brand for your business is imperative in this competitive environment - which is why our Program comes with a full brand design. Listen, a professional logo, website content written, and website design is just a start. A true staffing brand requires strategy, because the real goal of your website is not just to bring brand awareness (which is what most people do), but it’s to generate leads. Employer leads and candidate leads, which is what you need in order to do business.  

By the end of week eight, you will have a fully developed logo, business card design, stationary design, badge design, social media covers, sell sheet, and pricing sheet design. Your website content will be professionally written and accompany a professional custom 10-page website design. You can take these costs off of your checklist - this full brand design comes with our comprehensive staffing startup program.

Staffingpreneurs Academy offers a complete comprehensive coaching and execution program designed for ambitious professionals who value continuous learning, self-improvement, excellence and the opportunities it provides.