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  • Staffingpreneurs Professional Services Productivity Calculator Dee Williams
    In order to grow your staffing business, you must have a level of productivity. The Staffingpreneurs Professionals Services Productivity Calculator will help you track and monitor your recruiters & sales productivity and predict your revenue. This is an owners and branch managers tool. If you're looking to grow the sales of your niche' recruitment and staffing business, if you have a team, or plan to hire a team, if you are having sales growth challenges, you want to purchase this amazing management tool.
    1 Lessons 00:03:04 Hours English Advanced
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  • 11-Step Sales & Business Development Process Checklist Dee Williams
    From Zero to Pro in 90 days! Discover How To Master The Art of Sales & Business Development So That You Can Land Contracts And Job Orders For Your Niche’ Recruitment & Staffing Business! Use the video guide to help you understand how to use this checklist and follow the process to land the most amazing clients!
    1 Lessons 33:02:00 Hours English Beginner
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  • Pre-Requisite Course: Recruitment & Staffing As A Business: Is It Right For Me PDF, Video & Audio Download Dee Williams
    Thinking of Starting A Recruitment & Staffing Business? Say Goodbye To Research Overwhelm! This Easy Read Guide Will Give You The Insights, Revealings, and Research Needed To Help You Decide If Starting A Niche’ Recruitment and Staffing Business Is Right For You!
    1 Lessons 00:44:18 Hours English Beginner
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  • Staffing Startup: How To Setup My Niche’ Recruitment & Staffing Business Course ⭐ Dee Williams
    Are you looking to start a recruitment and staffing business but don’t know how? Do you already have your LLC and EIN, but need the next steps? The #1 challenge with Starting a Staffing Agency or Recruiting Business if You have Never done it before is - It can be SUPER Complicated and Catastrophic if You don’t know what to do or what you're doing. This course + coaching can help.
    78 Lessons 22:49:14 Hours English Beginner
    10 Ratings
  • Staffing Startup Course Weekly Replays ⭐ Dee Williams
    Gain access to a weekly Q&A / Accountability call to help you get through the setup of your niche' recruitment and staffing business easier.
    9 Lessons 11:55:52 Hours English Beginner
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  • Staffing Startup: How To Run My Niche’ Recruitment & Staffing Business Course Dee Williams
    Learn how to RUN the business as an Owner AND, learn how to WORK in the business as an employee.
    24 Lessons 41:03:09 Hours English Intermediate
    2 Ratings