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At the heart of ReSkillify’s offering, we have our talented T&T Coach. Find a course, a tribe, and experience the meaningful learning journeys they’ve designed for their micro-communities.

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The staffingpreneurs academy program how to setup

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  • Mon, 03-Aug-2020
    Xavier Billingsley
    Xavier Billingsley: Great training. I cannot imagine starting my business without taking this class.
  • Tue, 25-Aug-2020
    Isaiah Johnson
  • Fri, 28-Aug-2020
    Maurice Brown
  • Tue, 01-Sep-2020
    The course has really helped me flush out my ideas & structure of my business! I was set on doing a 100% non-profit and now I am really heading toward doing an entity...
  • Wed, 02-Sep-2020
    Ayo Thomas
    This course is the Ultimate Blue Print for anyone who is looking to start their very own staffing biz. Dee holds NOTHING BACK! She poured out all of her 20 plus years of experience into this course and much more!!!
  • Sat, 12-Sep-2020
    Martia Bush
  • Sat, 12-Sep-2020
    Martia Bush
  • Sat, 12-Sep-2020
    Martia Bush
  • Sat, 12-Sep-2020
    Martia Bush
  • Sat, 12-Sep-2020
    Martia Bush
  • Sat, 12-Sep-2020
    Martia Bush
  • Mon, 12-Jul-2021
    Dee Williams
    Excellent course! Loving the hands-on learning!
  • Tue, 15-Sep-2020
    Kerubo Kinaro
  • Fri, 16-Oct-2020
    Dee Williams
    I so needed this! I have so much clarity now! THANK YOU!
  • Fri, 16-Oct-2020
    Dee Williams
    I felt so professional and I handed my potential client the Master Service Agreement. This was a lifesaver!!!
  • Fri, 16-Oct-2020
    Dee Williams
    Okay so I didn't know I was going to get a video with instructions on how to use the calculator with so much detail. This was Great!!! I am now better prepared to charge my clients and I can do it with ease. It was easy to understand. Dee was funny and motivational. This was a great purchase!
  • Fri, 16-Oct-2020
    Dee Williams
    I recently landed my first real contract. I started out with the Setup course, worked in the Run It
  • Fri, 06-Nov-2020
    Toni Johnson
    The course is very detailed oriented, informative, and helps you greatly in understanding the industry, as well as, what is needed to make you and your business a success! Toni Johnson
  • Tue, 29-Dec-2020
    Abigail James
    This is the best course I have ever taken. Thanks a million to Dee Williams, I can now take my staffing business to another level. Excellent course. 100000%
  • Wed, 30-Dec-2020
    Shaun Busby
  • Mon, 18-Jan-2021
    Ericka Wilson
    This course was Amazing!!! Dee is very personal and knows how to connect and motivate everyone regardless of your learning style. The setup course has definitely provided me with the tools to build a solid foundation towards a Successful Staffing & Recruitment company. I'm Excited & of course Fired Up!!!
  • Thu, 11-Feb-2021
    Chasity Chaney
    Purchasing the Setup Course and joining Staffingpreneurs Academy was the best decisions I could have made for my business. Before being coached by the amazing Dee Williams and joining SPA, I started out with another mentor and had my business setup already (well, at least I though I did). When it was time for me to launch I quickly realized that my business was not setup properly AT ALL. That's when I decided to reach out to Dee Williams and that was the best decision I could have made. SPA has taught me so much! The expertise and knowledge that Dee Williams possess is incredible! She taught me how to setup my business properly! Honestly, I feel she has over delivered from what my initial expectations were before joining. EVERYTHING you need to know regarding setting up your staffing and recruitment business THE RIGHT WAY is provided to you in this course. Dee is the best coach ever! If you are on the fence about purchasing this setup course, DON'T BE! I promise it will be one of the best decisions of your life! The information she provides in this course and the FREE live calls every week are worth WAY more than the price of this course! Trust me! I KNOW! I paid triple the price for a previous mentorship and didn't get 1/4 of the knowledge that I have received in this Setup Course. I thank God for Dee Williams and for leading me to her! She has changed my life! I will be joining the Run It Course soon!
  • Wed, 05-May-2021
    Alfred James
    Wasn't much of an explanation of all documents. I expected a thorough explanation of each form, fee agreements, and contracts with attorney help. Overall, I just purchased for the contracts. Thanks.
  • Thu, 06-May-2021
    Alfred James
    These calculators help to set goals and visually see what work has to be done to achieve those goal. Rough estimates are a breezy with these calculators to quickly quote clients.
  • Wed, 12-May-2021
    Nicole Sinkler
  • Tue, 18-May-2021
    Dee Williams
    Best course ever! Dee is AMAZING!
  • Tue, 18-May-2021
    Dee Williams
    Great Job! Lots of info!
  • Wed, 26-May-2021
    Adrian Broadway
  • Wed, 15-Sep-2021
    I have a Masters In Business Administration and this his is college level business school with a passionate, high energy master instructor. The value of information is Information, above and beyond the cost of this course. Top 5 investments I have ever made!
  • Thu, 07-Oct-2021
    Autrey Thompson
    Awesome course still working it.
  • Sat, 27-Nov-2021
    Meta Davis
    I finally see what the hype is about with Dee Williams. So far, so good! This course is helps you figure out your goals and pick a niche so you can have a clear target in sight with your staffing/recruitment agency. The live class is the icing on the cake. Dee is very helpful and will answer all of your questions. I'm proud to be apart of the Staffingpreneur family